What is the testing method like?

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Testing method

Access this site to take the Certification Test: http://www.render.com.br/minhas_certificacoes and login.

The number of questions in the Certification Test is defined by the quantity of content taught in each course.

It is necessary to activate the Certification Test to begin the test. 24 hours is the time limit for finishing the test. .

The test can be paused and restarted 3 times at most, exceeding that limit the test will become blocked and then after the blocked test can be reactivated but the time limit still remains valid (as the instructions explain for taking the Test);

  • Questions with more than one answer are only considered correct if all the right answers are selected;
  • There is a 2 minute time limit for answering each question on this test. If you exceed the time limit then the question will become null and void.
  • After answering each question, it is possible to pause the test and continue later on;
  • The test score must be equal or greater than 70% to pass and be awarded the certificate .

After finishing the test, you will see the test score. You will also see the course contents which needs to be reviewed. If you do not score the minimum grade, you should review the listed course contents and then in 7 days retake the Certification Test.